Monday, May 17, 2010

Just a few more pics

Just wanted to add a few more fun pictures from Wild Women on Wine in Woodland (without Wendy)..... this was just too much fun for Debs and I.

Happy Spring!!

I hope we can finally celebrate Spring time here!! I usually have my vegetable garden planted, lawn furniture stained and on the front porch, but snow has delayed me this year..... Anyhow, no one told the columbine! Pretty, huh!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wild Women on Wine.....

The full title is: Wild Women on Wine in Woodland (Without Wendy)..... it's a mouthful to say, and Deb and I couldn't have said it that night! It was most certainly a girls night out, we wore our 'party' shirts that we purchased at the street fair in Tucson, and off we go to Woodland Park. I can't tell you the number of businesses we stopped in, but each served wine to us wild women!! Mark and Bob were our DD's and waited it out for us. GREAT evening!!!
It starts out with us getting our WWonWinW Tote, a nice wine glass, then we had to pick our 'Escort' for the evening!!! Deb and I scanned all of the men (escorts), and decided to go with looks.... Greg -- what a dufis.... I think he drank more than we did! He was cute though, made the evening more fun..... and, I don't know why, but Deb and I bought some cool cowgirl hats!! What a terrific evening! Wild Women on Wine in Woodland (Without Wendy).......

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gosh! Thanks!!!

Could I have picked a better family???? I got these beautiful flowers for Mother's Day! Thanks kids!! You're the absolute best.

Back in Tucson

I'm behind on my blogging -- that's for sure!! But, I need to mention what a fantastic time we had in Tucson when Mark and Debs came to visit. The boys golfed one day, which was cool, since it was Mark's first time out since starting dialysis. They had a great time, and Debs and I went up and hiked in Sabino canyon. It was fun, and since it's been so wet there, the washes are definately full of flowing water. The first one we came upon, we both took our shoes off to get through, but there were so many we eventually just kept on our shoes and walked through. Thus the reason we always saw tennis shoes drying out at our place from our neighbors. We had a fantastic visit, that's for sure! Can't wait for more visitors next year!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Higgy!

Our dear friend Higgy died in 1995, and each year on his birthday, Bob and I drive to his gravesite and have a beer with him! Sounds strange, sure, but, it's our tradition......... we still miss him. We drink a beer and leave one for Hig, where most people would leave flowers. I think the caretaker looks forward to Hig's birthday each year!!!
Happy Birthday, Hig

Monday, February 22, 2010

What a GREAT Visit!!

We had the best time, when Kristi, Gary, Cindy, Barry, Ruth, Ellenora and Henry came to visit us!!! I keep thinking back of the fun times, and just literally 'laugh out loud'! This post would be way too long to even give everyone just the highlights.... Lots of laughter, lots of fun for the girls and the guys enjoyed themselves also Golf for the guys, a day at the pool for the gals, a day being lost downtown :), a day in Sabino Canyon. Let's not forget a surprise birthday party for Bob also!!!! Here are a few pics, and the entire weekend can be seen